Snow-G: The Best Snow Guard For Metal Roofing.

Find out why smart metal roofing contractors are installing Snow-G products on their steel roofs. Durable, quality, effective.

3 Reasons To Switch To Snow-G Metal Roofing Snow Guards

Replacing snow guards is a nuisance for homeowners and contractors alike. Smart Drop identified the need for an alternative snow guard product to mitigate the problems associated with existing snow guard product installations on metal roofing.

Snow Guards Ripping Out of the Roof

Tired of call backs because your cheap snow guards are pulling out of the roof after the first snowfall? Snow-Gs are shipped with 4 high quality #14 screws as opposed to competing snow guards that ship with two flimsy screws that struggle to hold.

Snow Guards Shearing and Breaking

Snow-Gs are a single piece of bent high-quality steel - they are extremely resistant to shearing and breaking when compared with competing two-piece products.

Snow Guard Paint Peeling

Let's not pull punches - there is some awful paint out there on some of the snow guards in the marketplace. Oftentimes the bottoms are not painted because those guards are painted with a spray gun! Our fully painted Snow-Gs use only high quality, evenly applied paint that is chip and crack resistant.

4 Colours to Choose From

It’s not just the quality of the paint on Snow-Gs, it’s the consistency of the colour we provide. When you order a Snow-G metal roofing snow guards, you know exactly what colour you’re getting. No more call-backs for paint peeling and no more wondering if your “black” is going to look black, or if it’s going to show up matte or gloss.  Consistent, quality colours every time.


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